When it comes to our house, we don’t compromise. We want the best and nothing but the best, particularly when it comes to our kitchens and bathrooms. We want the most contemporary appliances for our kitchens and the most aesthetic sanitary works for our bathrooms. However, we will come to realize that redesigning costs more than most of us can afford, which is why remodeling kitchen and baths is such a smart idea. You can make so many alterations to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your indoor decor. Plus, this will also be more economical than going for a complete renovation. The best part is you don’t even need to hire a professional. Here are 5 tips you could follow to effectively and efficiently remodel your kitchen and bathroom

Paint your cabinets

When you buy a house, your kitchen and bathrooms might not have the color tone you prefer. Most new houses have simple, white straight-line cabinets in the kitchen, which are builder-grade and do little to improve the appearance of the area. What you can do is instead of spending hundreds of dollars trying to get your old cabinets removed and new ones installed, you can simply paint over them. Take a leaf out of the old DIY book. Go to the hardware store and select your color of preference, preferably a dark, contrasting color that enhances the aesthetic sense of your area. Take the cabinets down, paint them and just reinstall them and voila!

Wall stripes and wall papers

Your walls are important. This is applicable to both your kitchen and your bathroom. Imagine going to someone’s house for the first time and seeing filthy, unclean walls. Doesn’t really make a good impression, does it? Similarly, a well-designed wall can make a very good first impression. Plain walls do nothing for the room, which is why you can do a few things to spice up the appearance of your kitchen.

  • Paint your walls with contrasting colors. For example, paint two walls a creamy white and paint two adjacent ones yellow.
  • Add wall stripes to your already painted walls.
  • Put up wallpaper that is in line with the tone of the room.

              These ideas can also be used to give your bathroom a more aesthetic look. 

Sufficient lighting

Make sure you have sufficient lighting in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen with dining space, you can concentrate your lighting around the dining area; maybe even add a mini chandelier for more formal dinners. Add low wattage LED bulbs to your kitchens and bathrooms to make them seem more lively and sophisticated.



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