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Replacement  of  windows in the remodeling process

Installing new replacement to your windows and doors is a process that most homeowners go through only once or twice in their lifetimes. So it is normal not to have the slightest clue of what happens.  

Buying replacement windows and doors is a great way to improve the beauty, value and comfort of your home and it is a great investment. Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost v. Value Report for 2007 says that homeowners in San Diego can expect to recoup up to 98.5% of their cost for installing vinyl replacement windows.

 Things to be informed about before replacement.

The difference between ” replacement” windows and reto-fit windows.

A replacement window is simply any window that replaces an existing window. This can be done using a new construction window or a retro-fit window. So in your remodeling process, always know the one to choose.

There are two ways to replace windows. The contractor can pull off the interior and exterior trim to install a whole new window unit and insulate all the gaps before reinstalling the trim, the same process used during a full renovation project. Or he can install a window insert, which is a smaller unit that fits inside the existing opening, without the need for removing the existing trim.

What type of windows do you have now?

Metal or Wood? If you are using retro-fit windows, the type of windows you have now will make a difference in how your new windows will be installed.


Know what type of frame material you want for your windows and doors

There are advantages and disadvantages to all the frame materials available, so it is a good idea to consider them in advance.

Vinyl windows most popular choice for window replacement, and for good reason. They are maintenance free, insulate well, and make a smooth operating window, also relatively inexpensive.

Cons: they are usually only available in white and tan and vinyl cannot be painted.

Aluminum windows have poor insulation qualities.

Fiberglass windows insulate well, maintenance free are available in darker colors. They are easily painted if you want to change your color. Unfortunately, fiberglass quite expensive.

Wood windows are available with or without a low-maintenance exterior cladding. Unfortunately, they will require regular painting making it quite expensive.

Know what the manufacturer’s warranty is.


Many manufacturers offer a “lifetime” warranty on their windows and doors but the definition of lifetime varies widely. So be informed about the warranty.

Know what your rights are.

The Contractors State License Board has helpful information about what you should expect from your contractor.

Know about Lead hazards during replacement

If you are living in an older establishment and you are considering replacement of your doors, windows, trims, frames, you should be informed about lead hazard. Lead can be a serious danger.

Lead poisoning is a concern for both children and adults. It can cause:

  • Permanent problems with health, learning, and behavior in young children
  • High blood pressure, kidney damage, and fertility problems in adults

You can be exposed to lead any time you breathe lead dust, fumes, or swallow anything that contains lead. So for remodeling, acquire the services of professionals.