Marchand Brothers Construction

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Welcome our highly qualified Company.  We will let our  years of experience speak for itself. At Marchand Brothers Construction we ONLY do work that meet with the highest expectations of our clientele and staff. 

We can be reach by email. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact through our company email which is

We have recently updated our website to display accurate details about our company.

Marchand Brothers Construction

 What that all mean? Throughout our history, we’ve succeeded by providing a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and delivering a whole lot of quality work.

Our working philosophy

At Marchand Brothers Construction, we have open and candid communications with our clients, founded on mutual trust, honesty, and reliability. Our management team is awesome – customer-minded representatives who work hard to help your team succeed. Let us introduce you to our core values that set us apart.

At Marchand Brothers we EXPECT the highest quality of work for the satisfaction of our clients. If you are not pleased then we are not pleased that is why this expectation exists. We believe that everyone involved in our company learned from the top leaders. We lead with integrity, honor, compassion, diligence, persistence, extremely high morals, commitment and committed so that our employees will learn from that type of leadership.


Marchand Brothers Construction is a family business and we take our job very seriously. That’s who we’ve always been, ever since we co-founded in New Orleans, Louisiana. We enjoy one another’s company while running a business at the same time. Originally we are from New Orleans, Louisiana. Our Organization ended up in Northeast Louisiana after Katrina. Our headquarters is located at 201 Carter Street in Winnsboro, Louisiana.

We’re confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team members will quickly impress you with their industry expertise and passion to get the job done.

Our Durable family.

At Marchand Brothers Construction, we are one big durable family. Families share more than just a name. We’re cut from the same cloth. Trust. Loyalty. A sense of belonging. That’s how we roll and that’s what sets us apart. Our durable family knows how to toast to success together or lend a hand when one of our own gets knocked down.  We are all like siblings, born and raised to last.

Meet Our Team

 Ross Michael Marchand 

Ross Marchand is our Chief Operation Officer (COO). He has a Military background and is trained by the military in the field of construction as an engineer. He is also a Graduate of Louisiana Tech With a degree in Avionics as a Private Aviator and Engineering. Ross has detailed knowledge in the field of construction which was gained from his military experience and college education. Ross oversees all of our field activity and coordinates with our general foremen and superintendents.

Nicholas Thomas Marchand

Meet Nicholas Marchand our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Nicholas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management that he acquired from Louisiana Tech College. He has held various position as Service Manager of Copeland’s of  New Orleans (Monroe) and General Manager of McDonald’s. Nicholas  handles all of our purchasing, negotiations and most administrative task. Now Nick is the General Manager of Red Lobster in Monroe, Louisiana. He is the father of a beautiful baby girl Toni Nichole Marchand named after her Grandmother which is no longer with us, proud husband of Heather Taylor Marchand, RN Registered Nurse.

Walter Leonard Marchand Jr.

Walter Leonard Marchand Jr. our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and has been doing construction for the past 10 years various construction fields. Walter oversees all the operations of the business from Public Relations, Marketing, Underwriting, Hiring, Securing contracts. 


What Marchand Brothers Construction Company offers


Safety comes first. We invest in job site safety and continuing education to provide a safe working environment for everyone working on, visiting, or working near our job sites.


We’ll meet your expectations, then we’ll exceed them. Our team members will prove themselves to you through the success and the quality of your project.

Customer Service

We continually improve our training, tools and processes to increase the quality of service that we provide our clients.


Your best interest is our only interest. We’ll move forward using our company’s core values to establish mutual trust, and give you what you need.


Understanding your situation because we have been in your shoe’s before. Knowing the trails you face daily in life. That is why we insist on the best quality at the best prices for our clients. We are involved because we love helping others in our field.


Here at Marchand Brothers we will work tirelessly to benefit our client. This is done to keep them happy and satisfied with our work.


We’re the industry’s leader for a reason. We encourage our team members to work together to solve every single construction challenge we face.